doodles of a doomed-by-genetics merboy seungho. such flashy colors should send him straight into an encased pond for showcasing

…It’s been a long time?

Honestly, I haven’t been doing so well in terms of mental stress and whatnot, and I’m a little worried about the pain my drawing hand’s thumb when I bend it a certain way? But I shouldn’t have skipped posting on this blog for such a long time, so I’ll try my best to do better.

a seungho joins the fray

그녀에게 사랑은 한순간의 느낌일 뿐 - (x) - [full body]

I’m alive!!!

I finished this in one day for my business card, but…. IT LOOKS LIKE NECALLI, DOESN’T HE? THIS IS LIKE MY ULTIMATE EXAMPLE OF SAMEFACE AND INNER DESIRES OMFG IT’S LIKE NECALLI WITH SOME OF AUJAQ’S FEATURES I’M SO ASHAMED but anyone that gets my business card won’t know the struggles i had when I finished coloring this and stared blankly at how and who this ended up looking like ALSO i wasn’t originally going to go back to the red suit black shirt white tie combo but lo and behold hahahahahahahhahahahhahah

only two days into the new term

The Parents [2014]

My last assignment for my mini-comics class! A return to coloring in CMYK mode…

read the entire comic here!

My last major project for my mini comics class! This seemed to sell the best at the Mini Comics Expo…… I didn’t have a lot of time to do it (which shows) but I really did try to make the best I could with what I had available. By the way, if you actually did stop by the Expo and picked up my stuff, thanks a bunch!

sketches of Airi and I’s trainers from pokemon xy, Momo and Victor.

Close up of a commission I did for Airi, of her character, Takahashi Sayuri.

sketch of me and hazzers's trainers in pokemon xy - trainers vector and toya


My classmates wrote and drew comics about desserts but here I am with my figurative writing that’s open to interpretation and is full of analogies. Maybe I’ll be selling these? Maybe not.

nothing i do is going to make this comic look right on tumblr

A very rushed comic I did for class back in January - the theme to go off of was “dreams”. I originally had a very different script to draw, but I predicted lack of time to draw it in the future, and ended up with this. Before I wrote this thing, I actually took a nap to brainstorm and had a dream that I had sleep paralysis…………..

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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